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Welcome to Shri Ganpati Engineering
About Us
hri Ganpati Engineering was establish in 1999 in Faridabad with a quality production of Gas Stove Valve Assembly. Under the guidance of Sh. B P Bhatia An engineer from Y.M.C.A. Institute of Engineering Faridabad
The company expanded its activities to Brass and copper alloy forgings in 2000. All
types of nonferrous forging & precision machining was pioneered in India by SGE.
Diversification was rapid in the field of valves & forgings . we developed commercial
valves for commercial bhati’s & stoves.
In direct exports we are now interested & have done to USA some valves & precision
engineering components of virgin brass.
We also manufacture some components related to bathroom accessasories which are
Indirectly exported to Germany. Such as Water Wastes, Leg (for fitting water mixers on the wall ) .
We are now working on auto mobile Gas Kits In our R&D Deptt.
Inspection Department for Quality checks of components and finished products.

Laboratory equipped with modern facilities.The raw material is checked for physical and chemical properties, before being send for further processing.

Maintenence Department carries out periodic preventive maintence of most of the installed machines.
Research and Development Department is situated in a seperate building. It is equipped with CNC machines and is manned by qualified and experienced personnel. This is the innovative power house of SGE which has helped us grow over the period of time and pioneer our new products.
Why We
  • Superior quality & high precision products.
  • Advance technology is used
  • Customized products are manufactured
  • Capacity for bulk production
  • Thoroughly checked & tested products
  • Provision of documentation for standard compliances
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